I am a PhD candidate at Charles Sturt University in Australia. The focus of my research is community engagement. Simply put, how and why do universities and academics engage with community? I’m passionate about knowledge dissemination to non-academic audiences and am excited about the differences institutions can make in communities and society.

Both my masters and bachelor degrees are in education and have worked as an eLearning Specialist, and Instructional (Educational) Designer. For the last 15 years I’ve been working with adult learners in both public and private institutions in various capacities.

I weave my passion for learning and fascination with the information needs of communities throughout my academic work and community based projects. As part of my mission to make learning more accessible to the general public I brought Nerd Nite to Edmonton Alberta Canada and am currently the founder and Nerd Boss for Nerd Nite Wagga. Nerd Nite brings nerdy (often academic) topics to the masses in playful and accessible, yet always insightful and thought provoking, ways.

Peruse my CV or send me a note and we can explore how my skills might serve your institution or organisation. I can provide talks and workshops on a variety of subjects including societal impact, community engagement, distance education, knowledge extension, public speaking, institutional engagement, and more.