Public Speaking

Wade is available to speak on a variety of topics.  Some include:

Adult Education   |   Distance Education   |   General Nerdery   |   Big Data   |   Inclusivity   |   Sexual and Gender Minorities   |   Presentation Skill Training   |   Academic Poster Design

Some of his presentation (and co-presentaions) include:

  • Social U: The Future of Higher Education? Reflections on technology in the Classroom that takes even more than one hundred and forty charact
  • Setting Sail: Charting new connections in eLearning or The Six Degrees of Canadian Bacon
  • Celebrating Data: Finding the Humanity in Our Social [Media] Futures
  • Becoming a Science Evangelist: Spreading the Nerd Love
  • Blinded by the Light: Wrapped Up and Seduced, Another Technical Delight
  • Getting and Keeping their Attention: Tips for Presenters
  • The significance of the Intergenerational Context in the NP Preceptorship Experience
  • Sexual and Gender Minority Considerations in Healthcare